CHARLOTTE, NC (October 19, 2009) – Lieutenant John Griffith of the Port Royal Police Department accepted the award honoring the efforts of the city and police department on ensuring safe roads for citizens and visitors of Port Royal, SC.

The city and department were recognized for focusing on implementing four way stops in residential neighborhoods. They have also utilized a grant to focus on DUI enforcement in the community. The town has reduced some speed limits and erected larger signs to improve visibility.

“More Americans have died on roads in the Carolinas since 9/11 than died in the attacks in New York and in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq since,” said Dave Parsons, president and CEO of AAA Carolinas.

Traffic safety is a major public health issue for South Carolina, yet swine flu receives more attention than the three to five people that will die on our highways today.

“Making our streets safer is a team effort,” said Parsons. “And South Carolina has several communities that have stepped up to the challenge.”

Mark Keel, of the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, and Dave Parsons presented awards to local law enforcement and community representatives at the sixth annual awards luncheon at Seawell’s in Columbia on Thursday, October 15th.

AAA Carolinas’ Foundation for Traffic Safety is a non-profit organization founded by AAA Carolinas and funded by AAA Carolinas’ member contributions that works to promote traffic safety initiatives in North and South Carolina.